Drone de Agricultura AGL-10


In recent years, with the expansion of UAV technology in the commercial field,UAV became a new research focus in the field of agriculture, using UAV as low-altitude remote sensing platform on farmland became a reasonable idea. At the mention application of UAV in agriculture,surely we first thought it can spray pesticides, pesticide spraying is the most common application of the plant protection UAV, because of its high safety, cost saving, easy operation and other advantages, makes it get people’s affirmation. However, the application of UAV in agriculture is not limited to this.

1.Spraying pesticides on farms

Compared to the traditional plant protection work, the spraying pesticides is the most widely use of agricultural UAV, plant protection UAV has the characteristics of precise operation, environmental protection and efficient, intelligent, simple operation, large machinery and a lot of manpower cost savings for farmers, many areas across the country already use plant protection UAV to spray pesticides, has been affirmed by the people. According to relevant sources, the future of agricultural plant protection field will be billions market space.

2.Information monitoring on farms

Information monitoring of UAV on farms mainly includes pest monitoring and irrigation monitoring and crop growth monitoring, using the technology of spatial information based on remote sensing technology, through aerial of large areas of farmland, land, from aerial images, video data, fully understand crops growth environment, period and other indicators, from irrigation to soil variability, to the naked eye can not be found in the plant diseases and insect pests, bacterial invasion, regional problems are pointed out, so as to be convenient for the farmer in field management. UAV farmland information monitoring has the advantages with large range, timeliness, objectivity and accuracy, is beyond the conventional monitoring means.

3.Agricultural Insurance Survey

Crops inevitably suffered the invasion from natural disasters in the growth process, which caused the farmer to suffer the loss made the damage. To have a small area of the crop farmers, affected area reconnaissance is not difficult, but when a large area of crops is aggrieved by the natural factors, need a lot of work to assess the damage survey of crops, of these, which is most difficult to accurately define the loss area.


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