Drone de Agricultura AGL-5


Mentioned above eight technical development direction, has been involved in research. We will focus on the future of one-stop multi-machine self-cooperation, Internet of things and cloud computing technology and agricultural plant protection data technology research and development and breakthrough.

Plant protection UAV rapid development momentum, and plant protection UAV in the role of agriculture is not only as a simple tool, and now plant protection UAV tool application penetration is not high, in addition, labor-intensive mode of operation is obvious, no The formation of large-scale operation and use.

Plant protection UAV want to go farther, in addition to the stability of the body, the improvement of the spraying system, supporting the development of pharmaceuticals, there is little omission is that its mode of operation needs to be improved.

Plant protection UAV is now only “no one” in the name, even more than a man-machine also costly manpower, a plant protection UAV in operation, up to three operators need to be equipped. An operator, an observer, a ground.

Completely unmanned operation is the future of UAVs. Some people hope that the decline in human costs, with the increasing hollow in rural areas, in the foreseeable future, labor costs will only rise, there will be no decline, we must reduce labor costs.

In fact, the current plant protection UAV technology progress has been towards the progress of unmanned, for example: in the UAV operation process, adding auxiliary mode (AB point), you can save a manpower; And to achieve a fully autonomous model, as long as a person will be able to complete the operation; If you use a station multi-machine system, a person can control 2 to 3 unmanned aerial vehicles, human costs will be reduced to 0.3-0.5; On this basis, coupled with the use of automatic dosing for battery function, it is possible to unmanned human labor costs as much as possible to close to 0.

This requires multiple efforts, collaboration, flight control, machine, charger and other parties to work together, each ring of technology can break through the job. Technical threshold is not insurmountable, more is the business model of the problem.


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